Gene Ammons – Boss Tenor

From time to time I figure I can post cd’s that have been particularly important to me.  I’m not a big fan of public criticism, but on the other hand, I need stuff

Performance in October 2007

The Travis Shook / Veronica Nunn Quartet is playing live at the 2007 Jazz Improv Convention & Festival in New York City.  We don’t know what slot yet, but it’ll be somewhere between

One line – pretty cool

I just re-watched this great movie again which a friend had recommended to me about a year ago – Adaptation. There’s such a nice line in there:  “You are what you love, not what

The Snake Whisperer

I was going to scare a visiting friend of mine with a rubber snake, and then my better self took over and I couldn’t go through with it, and I confessed to him

Yeah, sure, whatever

One of the big secrets that a lot of people never quite get is that the greater the work of art, the greater the humility of the artist.  This is the simplest form I

Delayed Time Zone

I realize its been a while since I’ve updated this blog – I’ve been busy doing stuff to be written about later – I’ll start updating again soon.

List of Players

I was going to write about some of the younger players I like, but then erased what I wrote because I didn’t feel comfortable singling people out – because that means I would

Don Shirley

One musician I would like to pay my highest respects to is Don Shirley – a true living legend. For those not familiar with him (which unfortunately will be most people due to

Standard Delivery

We’re going into the studio this coming Monday to record material for Veronica Nunn’s upcoming album, Standard Delivery. It should turn out nice, I think. We just finished setting up the tunelist, and