Barack Obama’s speech about race was right on the money.  I’ve been reading the blogs a little bit and it’s very disturbing to hear the ignorance in people’s comments, and the obvious fear


I just watched Dogville starring Nicole Kidman et al, and all I can say is wow! Great, great movie.  Someone compared it to My Dinner with Andre, which is just wrong because My

…I said No, No, No

Having a great time watching Celebrity Rehab on VH1.  I don’t watch a lot of tv, but when I do it’s either South Park or VH1 reality shows.  My attention span is too short for

Jazz vocalists and scatting

Me and Veronica lead a panel discussion at the Jazz Improv convention entitled, “Singers vs. Musicians – Is there a difference?”  It went great except that out of the 30 or so people

Sonny Side of the Street

Sonny Simmons, the great alto saxophonist, emailed me the other day, and I made a rehearsal with him and Michael Marcus’s group – it’s always so great to hear from Sonny.   Whenever I play with

The Beats go on

I saw a special on Jack Kerouac and the Beats on Ovation channel a few weeks back (I like that channel a lot, they play a nice mix of stuff).  Anyway, the only

Marian McPartland Show

Marian McPartland’s producer called the other day and asked Veronica Nunn to sing on her NPR show “Piano Jazz” (with me as accompanist). When we got there she had a microphone setup for

Phineas Newborn – A World of Piano

Here’s another great classic album:  Checkout A World of Piano! at Amazon.com The first time I heard this it freaked me out a little.  My piano teacher was Harold Mabern back in the

Titles are back

ok, I just brought the titles back again – I just realized I end up getting a gazillion posts with no titles and I can’t find them if I need to edit… of