Titles are back

ok, I just brought the titles back again – I just realized I end up getting a gazillion posts with no titles and I can’t find them if I need to edit… of course I cheat and go back and fix things or delete posts as time goes on.  It’s cool to change the past – just like Wikipedia. I’m a big fan of Wikipedia.  Who knew you could let anonymous people start typing into a wiki site and instead of disentegrating into chaos, people would work together (for free) to create this glorious encyclopedia called Wikipedia?  So it turns out you can allow everyone to have a voice – it works.  Ok, sometimes it’s still evil and imbalanced but its far better than what we had before – which was no voice except Penguin and Random House and New York Times.

I think its time to start pushing for a pure democracy in America.  We don’t need representatives speaking for us anymore – we have the technology to hold town meeting style votes what with the internet and all.  1 person, 1 vote on every issue.  Mike Gravel is right – he rocks.