Phineas Newborn – A World of Piano

Here’s another great classic album: 

Phineas Newborn - A World of Piano

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The first time I heard this it freaked me out a little.  My piano teacher was Harold Mabern back in the day and his teacher was Phineas Newborn.  He used to always talk about how this great piano player from Memphis (Phineas) never got his just due.  One day I heard WBGO play his version of “Oleo” and went out and got this album right away.  The first cut, Cheryl, is absolutely out of this world.  The entire album has such a clarity to it – it just blows me away.  Sometimes I’m told I’m being too self-effacing, but I try to explain to people that the only reason why is because I’ve heard albums like this!  I will never be this good, I don’t ever expect to be.  To me this is the greatest jazz piano album ever recorded.