Me and Veronica in Paris


I’ve been back from Paris for the last week or so.  The sidewalks are incredibly slanty there and they put street signs and stuff right in the middle so that you have to walk a tilted obstacle course.  So I fell off a sidewalk the 3rd day or so and have had a hurt ankle ever since.  (I never thought I would be saying I got injured from falling off a sidewalk – but it shows you’re capable of anything if you really put your mind to it)

I was going to say the French people are smarter than Americans until I saw the youtube video of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (filmed in France) where over 1/2 the audience incorrectly guessed that the Sun revolves around the Earth.  So I won’t go there.  But I will say they’re culturally more open to varying genres of music, art, and literature.

Anyway here’s a picture of me at the Louvre next to some statue’s penis:


And here’s Veronica looking at some statue’s butt (again, at the Louvre):


Here’s Freddy Kreuger from Nightmare on Elm Street in the lobby of the Louvre – tonight he will terrorize teenagers while they sleep, but for now he’s probably going to visit the Italian Renaissance collection in the Sully wing of the Museum:


I think he saw us taking pictures of him and started to slink away – but not before I captured the notorious movie fiend one last time on camera: