In the Studio with Michael Franks

Michael Franks asked me to play piano on one of his tunes for his upcoming release (Rendezvous in Rio). It’s going to be an acoustic version of his hit “Antonio’s Song,” for the Japanese release only. I was on the other day and I was a little dismayed to see the reviews given to his albums over the years. They don’t understand him at all. He has the highest respect of essentially the entire community of jazz musicians (keep in mind, jazz musicians are the most picky, snobby group of all), yet the critics seem to somehow think he’s another Yanni or something like that. He’s not: he’s the ultimate peace/love greenpeace hipster who actually lives the part, not just acts it. He also sounds like no one else – this fact alone makes him a valuable voice in the world of modern music. 

“As for essayists and critics, they are like cuckolded husbands: always the last to find out….” – Dictionary of the Khazars by Milorad Pavic