List of Players

I was going to write about some of the younger players I like, but then erased what I wrote because I didn’t feel comfortable singling people out – because that means I would have to leave off others, and I don’t want to make those kinds of assertions about players currently out there trying to do good.  The only thing I will say about the younger players is that I like everyone who’s sincere in what they’re doing.

These are some of my personal favorites/influences among the piano legends (in no particular order):

Ahmad Jamal
Dave McKenna
Teddy Wilson
McCoy Tyner
Johnny O’Neal
Duke Ellington
Bill Evans
Herbie Hancock
Earl Hines
Art Tatum
Don Shirley
Willie the Lion Smith
Nat King Cole
James P. Johnson
Phineas Newborn

Of course, there’s lots of others I think are amazing, but I tried to keep the list narrowed down to players who particularly resonate with me.