This movie called Hamlet 2 is on HBO – second time I’ve seen. Brilliant comedy – Paul Coogan as the lead is awesome. Anyone in the arts I think can relate to some of the frustrations and insecurities of his character.  He also has a general geekiness which speaks to my inner geek as well.

I’m not going to go on and on – I’m not really the profound type – just thought it was funny is all and, well, I haven’t updated this blog in I don’t know how long.

I was watching Night Gallery last night, and Bob Crane (from Hogan’s Hereos) was playing a husband who was plotting to murder his wife. He had a very sinister look on his face and looked exactly like the guy from the horror flick Wishmaster. Just felt a need to share that with everyone.

We’re adding a door to the music room in the basement. To do so I needed to build an extension to the wall coming down from the ceiling.  The extension I built is about 10″ wide by 2′ long.  I’ve been working on it for a week because I have no idea what I’m doing.  Every time I put the joint compound on, I sand it all off again just so I can put more on.

It reminds me a little bit of Spinal Tap when the mini-Stonehenge was lowered from the ceiling.  Kind of like that.  In a way I’m building a really big wall, only smaller. If anyone needs me to build them a teeny tiny house I’ll know how to do it.

I have been refusing to sign up for Twitter for the longest time – to me (and a lot of people I know in my age group) that’s really just going too far – myspace, facebook, ok – even those sites don’t come naturally the older you get, but Twitter is just beyond the pale.

However, this guy tempts me to sign up – these are really funny.  They’re just daily tweets from a guy named Justin of stuff his 73-year-old dad is saying day in and day out.  Be forewarned, lots of cursing, etc.:

Ok, I’m going to bring up a dirty little secret about men and restrooms that most women probably don’t know about (although I’ve heard women can be just as bad about this).  Men don’t wash they’re hands in restrooms about 1/2 the time.  What the ???.  You’re gonna catch swine flu and if I have to shake your hand I’d like to know you’re hand has been disinfected with soap and water after you just finished shaking something else.  For the love of god, please wash your hands after being in the restroom.  It’s disgusting.  Oprah did a special and said you’re supposed to soap your hands for 15 seconds to make sure they’re clean.  You think you’re getting away with it but God knows – and Oprah knows.  I know too – I’ve seen it.  And don’t think you’re fooling anyone by splashing some water quickly on your hands and then dashing out of the bathroom…

They just broke the King Size Snickers bar into two pieces.  It’s 0.4 ounces smaller now.  But the thing that gets me is that they put the exclamation point in the title (“New!”) like they’re fooling us.  Maybe they are.

Customer service is becoming a memory in the US … but wait, this company is great:

I was in Manhattan one day in a bag shop and I picked out a shoulder bag by a brand I had never heard of called AmeriBag.  Turned out they are based in Kingston, NY – 10 miles from where I lived.  Veronica stopped by the local branch and bought a laptop backpack and a shoulder bag. 

Veronica’s zipper on the laptop bag broke a year later, but she had lost the receipt.  We asked what the warranty was and if there was any chance we could get it repaired without a receipt.  This is AmeriBag’s policy:

With any bag, you get a lifetime warranty.  At any time you may bring in your bag if damaged, with or without a receipt.  AmeriBag will then either give you a brand new duplicate bag if they have one in stock, or send it out for repair.  If they send it out for repair, they will give you a loaner bag that you can use in the meantime.

Incredible.  Everyone should shop at AmeriBag, that is if they don’t go out of business with a return policy like this 🙂