America’s Next Top Model and Tyra Banks

Author: tshook

VH1 has been running an America’s Next Top Model marathon all week, so I’ve had it on in the background while working on my computer.  I like reality shows.  Yes, I know they’re not really reality, are most often exploitave, and contribute even further to the notion that in order to be famous you don’t have to actually learn how to do something,  but I like them anyway because they make me feel better about myself.  I think “Oh, look, everyone isn’t better than me after all” and that’s really why everyone else is watching them as well. 

Anyway, I don’t believe America’s Next Top Model exploits the contestants – these girls are competing for very real contracts that can be life-changing in a positive way, gaining good exposure just for competing, and are not getting ripped apart by someone like that really nasty human being Simon from American Idol.   Tyra keeps the criticism within decent bounds.  The show also doesn’t place contestants into situations designed to encourage them to fight or otherwise exhibit human behavior at its worst like most reality shows do. 

What I’ve learned from this show is that Tyra Banks seems to have an ability to not let other people’s opinions affect her.  Or, maybe more clearly, she doesn’t let other people’s opinions stop her from getting to where she’s going.  Tyra is a shark, but not an evil one.  She doesn’t impress me as someone who wants to hurt others, but she seems to be able to not let other people’s envy, mind games, guilt trips, etc. get to her.  And I really admire that in a person.

What’s my point in all this?  None except to have something to write in my blog and I figure this is as good as anything.  Also that we can learn from everything and everyone around us, even a reality show about fashion models.  Plus I just wanted to mention that I like reality shows.