Gene Ammons – Boss Tenor

From time to time I figure I can post cd’s that have been particularly important to me.  I’m not a big fan of public criticism, but on the other hand, I need stuff to write about.  So in the interests of blogging, here’s one of my favorite cd’s of all time:  Boss Tenor, by Gene Ammons.

Gene Ammons - Boss Tenor

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What I like about this cd: It’s perfect.  This is an example of how groove and tone and love and melody are everything.  You can put this cd on at a party.  You can put it on while driving.  You can put it on while going to sleep.  Or in the car (did I already say that?).  You can put it on when studying, or reading.  If you’re in a happy, sad, or anything in between mood this cd will work. Its perfectly seamless.  A lot of Gene Ammon’s stuff is like that, also.  He seems to bring out the best in the musicians around him.  This is some of the best Tommy Flanagan playing I’ve heard (although I’m not really an expert on his stuff).