Customer service is becoming a memory in the US … but wait, this company is great:

I was in Manhattan one day in a bag shop and I picked out a shoulder bag by a brand I had never heard of called AmeriBag.  Turned out they are based in Kingston, NY – 10 miles from where I lived.  Veronica stopped by the local branch and bought a laptop backpack and a shoulder bag. 

Veronica’s zipper on the laptop bag broke a year later, but she had lost the receipt.  We asked what the warranty was and if there was any chance we could get it repaired without a receipt.  This is AmeriBag’s policy:

With any bag, you get a lifetime warranty.  At any time you may bring in your bag if damaged, with or without a receipt.  AmeriBag will then either give you a brand new duplicate bag if they have one in stock, or send it out for repair.  If they send it out for repair, they will give you a loaner bag that you can use in the meantime.

Incredible.  Everyone should shop at AmeriBag, that is if they don’t go out of business with a return policy like this 🙂