Marian McPartland’s producer called the other day and asked Veronica Nunn to sing on her NPR show “Piano Jazz” (with me as accompanist). When we got there she had a microphone setup for me as well, so I ended speaking as well as playing.  I’m not usually comfortable speaking on radio or in front of people, but having Veronica there really helped. Plus, Marian was very comfortable to be around as always (this is the second time I’ve done her show).  She’s really a great spirit.  We did (if I remember right) 3 tunes with me and Veronica, Veronica and Marian did one, I did a duet with Marian, Marian did a couple solo pieces – and then all three of us played on the grand finale.

Anyway, Marian and the producer, radio people, etc. seemed to be really happy with the result, so I’ll be sure to post here and let everyone know when NPR airs it.